Blog Action Day 2007

October 15 is Blog Action Day in which bloggers post something about helping the environment. One thing I wish everyone especially politicians would do is watch An Inconvenient Truth. Forget what you think of Al Gore, good or bad, the message comes through clear — we must do something for our environment and our future.
You don’t have to do something big like buy a hybrid car. Little things like recycling make a difference. One thing I try to do is limit how much I print. When I do print something, I reuse the back of the paper whenever possible. For shredded paper, I use them in packaging.
If you have hearing aids, TTYs, glasses and other equipment that you or someone else no longer uses, consider recycling them by donating them. The following resources accepts equipment donations:
* Lions Club
* Help the Children Hear
* Hearing Aid for Latin America
* The Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Hear Now
Gallaudet has a page of information pointing to more resources.
Here are resources from Blog Action Day’s site. Go, Green!

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