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After seeing *Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince*, it got me thinking there has to be a place online to view many subtitled trailers in one place. Within a few minutes, I found []( [CaptionFish]( has subtitled trailers for the current releases, but I wanted to find them all in one place without trying to change locations especially since some may not be in theaters yet.
The trailers at Harry Potter weren’t captioned (no surprise there), but they aroused my curiosity about the movies (9, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Where the Wild Things Are and 2012). So I wanted to look them up and see them with captions. Your Local Cinema didn’t have all of movies I previewed, so I went to [Bill Cresswell’s site]( and he had one.
Hey, I don’t go to the movies often. In fact, the last few movies I’ve seen have all been Harry Potter movies.

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  1. There are 128 trailers on captionfish’ site, all listed on this page, in order of opening date:
    There are 183 on DVD-subtitles
    There are 266 total in my collection at

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