Convert Voice Mail to Text Report #3

As a BrightHub writer, I learned about another voice mail to text service except this one has an added feature the others don’t have: Address book. It integrates your cell phone’s address book with the service’s web-based application.
The web-based application lets you see the missed calls, voice mail to text messages, and your address book. You can also make calls and send text messages from within the application. The calls cost 3 cents per call and nothing to send text messages.
Read the full review of Skydeck on BrightHub.
Also, Simulscribe is no more. It’s now PhoneTag (much better name). Like the other voice mail to text services, it charges $9.95 for 40 converted messages plus 25 cents per message sent after reaching 40. OR you can pay $0.35 per converted message with no monthly fee.
The problem, however, is I get many junk calls through my IP relay service. I don’t want to pay for those. Perhaps, I can be more selective about where I post my cell phone number. But how effective would that be as I would need to put the cell number on my business site for prospects to contact me?
Then again, I’ve gotten this far on my current system. Maybe it’s better to avoid another monthly bill especially during bumpy times.
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