Flash CS3 Makes Captioning Easy

Accessibility: Captioning in Flash CS3 reports Flash CS3 comes with a new component called FLVPlaybackCaptioning that works with FLVPlayback component to make it easy to add captions to Flash.
Another blog entry from Adobe on the Flash component and here is the link to the Adobe Accessibility caption category where you can view examples. More info:
* Adobe Flash CS3 Accessibility design guidelines.
Flash video learning guide.
* Using the FLVPlaybackCaptioning Component
* Flash and ActionScripts Components learning guide
Let’s hope Flash developers take advantage of this new feature and make their work accessible to a larger audience!


  1. Hey, great blog entry. Maybe 2007 will be The Year of Internet Captioning?
    It can be done in QuickTime, too:
    As you say, let’s hope people use these available techniques. And maybe the Apple iTunes Store’s movies will have captions soon.

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