Free Tools for Captioning YouTube Videos

Terrill Thompson of University of Washington has a great post detailing [free tools to caption YouTube videos]( and reviews some of the applications. I’ve used [CaptionTube to do my video](
– [CapScribe]( Mac and Firefox
– [CaptionTube]( web-based
– [dotSub]( web-based
– [Easy YouTube Caption Creator]( web-based
– [MAGpie]( Windows and Mac
– [Overstream]( web-based
– [Subtitle Horse]( Windows
– [Subtitle Workshop]( Windows
– [TubeCaption]( web-based and broken
– [vSync Bookmarklet]( web-based
– [UW-Madison’s World Caption]( Mac


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  2. Do you still like CaptionTube so far?
    Just wonder…

  3. Grant, I’ve only captioned one video and CaptionTube was it. I liked it. I haven’t tried the others.

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