Guardian Deaf Issue

“More than 8 million Britons have impaired hearing, ranging from the 6 million older people who are mildly or moderately deaf, to the 700,000 whose deafness is more profound. In this special issue, we explore how it feels to be part of deaf culture today.” UK’s Guardian presents a Deaf issue. Features:
Heard the one about the deaf comedian? “What defines a deaf stand-up comic – and what makes their audience laugh? Brian Logan discovers that there’s more to deaf humour than first meets the eye.”
Good Vibrations: “Cathy Heffernan: SenCity in Finland brings deaf and hearing clubbers together, in this pioneering, multi-sensory experience.”
Mixed Messages: “Like any language, British Sign Language has its regional variations and idiosyncrasies. These can lead to mix-ups, signer Marcel Hirshman tells Stuart Jeffries”
The issue contains much more. Very cool and fascinating. I love reading about other cultures especially the UK — as that’s one of the first places I want to travel to when I get to the other side of the Earth.
Also, China plans to celebrate International Day of the Deaf. “The latest statistics show China has about 20 million people with hearing disabilities, which is about 20 percent of the world’s total.”

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