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22frames logoIf you’re like me, you search for captioned video on a per site basis. For example, you use [Hulu](’s cc only caption feature, [Google Video](’s show captioned videos only feature and [YouTube](’s “closed captioned” type feature.
Even these search tools are not perfect. For example, I added subtitles to all of [my YouTube videos](, but they don’t show up on YouTube’s caption search. Why? Because I didn’t upload a separate file with captions. They were already in there when I uploaded it. I have no way (that I know of) to identify the video as captioned. []( did.
22frames aims to index every single captioned and subtitled video. Not only that. 22frames also includes videos that you can enjoy without hearing audio. Instead of going to the Hulus and YouTubes and searching for captions or watchable videos, you can go to [22frames]( rest assured you’ll enjoy every video (well, unless its content is lousy).
Love and appreciate this site! Learn more [about 22frames](


  1. Meryl,
    Thank you for sharing with your readers! It is our hope that can be a great resource of information and entertainment for the community. We’ve just started and there is plenty to do. As mentioned on the site, we also allow users to submit any captioned video on the Internet to This can be faster than waiting for our crawlers, since crawling takes a long time. If any of your readers see any captioned video that they’d like to share, please feel free to sign in and submit them here ( ). Finally, readers with any feedback and questions can directly contact us using this form: ( ).

    • Baltz on October 27, 2009 at 6:26 pm
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    Wait how did I miss this? It’s a big step. How long has it been out?

  2. I did that to some extent with and captioned internet search
    Glad to see someone putting more time and effort into it.

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