Jewish Deaf Congress Web Site

The Jewish Deaf Congress Web site,, provides information on about Jewish Deaf Congress, Inc. which was formerly known as National Congress of Jewish Deaf (NCJD). The new site is a work in progress with a goal to give an insight of the JDCs story, JDC Quarterly archives, articles submitted by various Jewish individuals, and updated information of its upcoming retreats and national conference.
The organization’s mission is to provide religious, cultural, and educational experiences. Members include those who became deaf before acquiring language, those who became deaf later in life, and those who are hard of hearing. Parents join our organization, as do grandparents. Some with our deaf constituents represent a community of interpreters or educators, and rabbis, or perhaps even children or siblings or just friends of deaf adults.
JDC, Inc., encourages pluralism in our community – whether Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist – we are all an essential part of Klal Yisrael- the worldwide community of Jewry. As an organization, we join the larger Jewish community in our dedication to tikkun olam – the healing of the world.

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