Links: 01 May 2008

* Captioning Flash-based streaming video [pdf file] [Link, y3]
* Sign Language Interpreters at High Ergonomic Risk
* DEAF411, Inc. researches what makes a city deaf-friendly
* AT&T finally offers data-only plan for deaf iPhone users: the plan is also good for other phones except Blackberry. More info at DeafDC Blog and at&t’s iPhone page and for plans for other phones except Blackberry and iPhones.
* More learning about deaf culture
* Boy regains hearing after cotton pops out: How do doctors miss this after NINE years? Every time I take my kid for a check up, the doctor checks the ears. Heck, the doctor checks my ears knowing I’m deaf. Being deaf doesn’t mean we’re exempt from ear infections and other problems.
* Social Media Summit on Hearing Loss held today complete with closed captioning.

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