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I opened the floodgates when I posted about a voice mail to text service. I learned about another and another and another. Here are the companies that provide voice mail to text services:
Pricing is generally the same at $9.99 for 40 messages per month. Curious as to how the services differ. I’m sure with a little Internet research, plenty of answers will come.
However, I’m about to sign up for a plan targeted to deaf people. Great price, but using voice features would cost $0.20 per minute. Not sure I want to get a voice mail to text service for $9.99 a month and pay $0.20 per minute on top of that when I don’t know how many messages — if at all — I’ll get based on past experience.
One company gave me a pager that came with an answering service. The service sent voice messages to me in text. I rarely got messages that way. So what are the chances people will use this service to contact me?
Another option is to wait until my family’s plan expires and join them on another plan that includes voice and unlimited data. In this case, I wouldn’t have to pay per minute for voice mail. Decisions!


  1. Thanks for posting this up. I was able to add them to the Deaf Resource Center to make it easier for deaf people to find voice-to-text services.

  2. Hi,
    I just posted this blog post yesterday entitled Checking Voicemail While Overseas.
    It explains how to receive sounds files (MP3 or .wav) delivered to my email so that I don’t have to make international calls to the US when abroad.
    I’m looking for a service that does what you’ve described, but based on this thread Jott Reverse?, I’m hoping it’s available for free in the not too distant future.
    I agree with you about not wanting to pay. When I set up call forwarding to an external voicemail, I do pay 20 cents per minute. However, most voicemail messages, including the greeting, have been less than 60 seconds.

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