Project ReadOn and Dot Sub with Captioned Videos

I can’t believe I didn’t know about these sites earlier! I had heard about Will Ferrell’s hilarious landlord video that stars his 3-year-old daughter as a mean and drunk landlord. But I never pay attention to videos since I know most don’t come with captions… until today.
Project ReadOn requires lining up the captioned popup box with the video (turn off pop ups on the site so you can get the captions). The FAQ explains how to ensure the captions and video sync up.
Captioning video gets easier pointed to Dotsub where you enter the captions yourself and Project ReadOn where you can request your video get captioned. So I check them out and got to enjoy the landlord video.
From now on if I hear about a big video — I’ll be sure to put in a request with Project ReadOn. Thank you to for the article. Be warned … once you get into them, it may be difficult to get back to work.

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