Testimonies of Deaf Holocaust Survivors

“Simon J. Carmel’s lecture, ‘Silent No More: Testimonies of Deaf Holocaust Survivors’ related the unheard stories of the persecuted deaf Jewish during World War II.” The article reports that roughly 25,000 deaf Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust and that 20 deaf survivors remain today.
Hitler’s soldiers not only killed Jewish people, but also people with disabilities, gay people, black people, and Gypsies. So it’s a miracle that any deaf person survived. Also German doctors sterilized many deaf Jewish people to prevent them from having deaf children. But statistics show only 10 percent of deaf couples bore deaf children.


    • Brian C. on October 29, 2007 at 1:12 pm
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    Yes Simon Carmel did a wonderful lecture during the PaH Event in Philadelphia about the Holocaust and the deaf people. He is here all week… It’s a fascinating story that has not been told in the media world.

  1. You might like this link. I did a vlog with Simon Carmel’s presentation at DawnSignPress on this subject matter.

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