Writing with a Deaf Accent

Folks, I am just the messenger here! Found this discussion on MeFi that I had to share. Check out the deaf blogs and you see many write well. However, I did have a couple of pen pals when I was a child and they wrote in ASL-speak. For the most part, it was easy to understand what they were saying. There was one whose writing was very hard to translate.
Just like in America — you have some people who write well and others who can’t read more than a few words in English. You’ll find deaf people who write perfect English, ASL-English and hard-to-understand English. It isn’t just a deaf thing — more like an ESL and education thing.
One thing is true — sign language has its own accents. For instance, ASL and British (UK) sign language are not and do not look the same even to a person who doesn’t know much sign language. Four Weddings and a Funeral has a deaf character who does British sign language. It’s a great movie and fascinating to watch him sign.


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    well ISL * Irish Sign was made from a mix of ASL and FSL * french sign, so ISL looks very like ASL and we are so far appart distance wise, yet If i wrnt accross the water to England and spoke to someone who did BSL * British , Id be totally lost! they have a 2 handed alphabet, whereas America and Ireland have a one handed and the words are completely different also, I wonder if it would be easier to have a Universal Sign Language, like that Universal Spoken Language (I cant quiet think of the name of it) but it waould make things a lot easier, but its like any language I guess!! 🙂

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