Amazing Race Stars Deaf Contestant

I love The Amazing Race. If I had the energy, I’d like to appear on it and have the opportunity to travel… but it’s hard to take in all the places and thoroughly enjoy them when you’re constantly go, go, going. Besides, I don’t function well on little sleep.
Meet Margie and Luke, a mom and son team, with the son being the deaf one. Luke doesn’t speak or read lips. He figures communicating with his mom will avoid any extra communication barriers. After all, contestants deal with language barriers for starters.
They race against stuntmen, Southwest Airlines flight attendants, former National Football League cheerleaders and University of Louisville college athletes. Brother-and-sister team where both are Stanford University and Harvard Law School graduates and work as California corporate litigators.
Apparently, the communication between the two wasn’t smooth sailing. The show’s new and 14th season starts February 15.


    • drmzz on January 30, 2009 at 12:53 am
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    Wouldn’t it hurt to mention that they communicate via ASL? So you’re inferring it wasn’t smooth sailing for them cuz they sign? Seriously, why do hearing-impaired DR bloggers continue to do this?

    • Meryl on January 30, 2009 at 7:29 am
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    Because I had NO confirmation about ASL. I am not going to make an assumption and then find out I am wrong. I am betting it is ASL, of course.
    BTW, I am deaf, not hearing impaired.

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