ASL Grows Popular with Students

According to Word getting around about sign language, more students are taking ASL to meet their school’s language requirement because they think it’s easier than Spanish, French, or other foreign languages. I may not use ASL, but I know it’s a challenge to learn it like any other language even though it’s in “English.” Signing an ASL sentence, unlike spoken and written English, doesn’t involve signing every word in the sentence as we would when writing ot speaking it. Instead of, “My name is Meryl,” it’s “name Meryl” or something similar.
Regardless of the reasons for taking ASL, it’s good to see more people are taking an interest in it.
P.S. Happy 6th birthday to my son!


  1. I took ASL while I was in college… not to fulfill any language requirement (I was a Japanese major!), but because it sounded interesting.
    It was very difficult. The key (other than having an interest/talent for foreign languages) is to treat it as a foreign language and NOT as a version of English.
    It was hard to get into the class… there was a waiting list. I agree with you: that’s a good thing for ASL.

  2. Before I moved, I was taking classes to be an ASL interpreter. And you’re right, there is some misconception that it’s easy.

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