Banning Deaf Drivers

Oh, thank goodness I live in the U.S. It’s probably the best place to be deaf. Countries like Japan have a ban on deaf drivers. Though I’d rather not be chauffeur, I can’t imagine what my family would do if I couldn’t drive. My whole life would turn completely upside down if I couldn’t get a driver’s license.
I’m glad I had the opportunity to be like any other 16-year-old — eager to get my driver’s license. The first day I could take the test was Martin Luther King Day, so the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles was closed. I went on Tuesday and there was no more room for testing because of the holiday weekend. Went on Wednesday and scored!
If I lived in D.C. or New York, this driver’s license thing wouldn’t be as big of of a problem as it would be in Dallas. While we do have trains in Dallas, I have to drive to get to a station.