Beward Scam Targets Deaf

Just got the following email — brilliant. They’re targeting the deaf. Because of their ability to not only identify me as a deaf person, but they also mention “Texas” (my home state). They mention National Association for the Deaf (NAD). The email doesn’t request a bank account — nonetheless, ignore the email. Here’s an excerpt:
The Entire Team of Deaf Charity organisation, Congratulate you on your Win of a Cash prize of $150,000.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars) Only in today’s Draw.
We are also Pleased to inform you that you have been verified.
We got millions of Email address from the the deafvp and deafconnect and our electronic System Randomly Picks 10 Lucky People to win $150,000.00 Cash prize each all in the effort of empowering the deafs and the disabled in general.
We are Charity Organisations, Lending a Helping Hand to the Deaf, as we know that Disability is not Inability.
We are affiliated to Organisations Like NAD (National Association of the Deaf), UNAD ( United Nations Aid for Disabled)
Subsequent to the United Nations Disabled Day Held in texas in July 2009, we came up with a lottery tohelp the deaf through out the States.but u need to believe this cos it is real.
As matther of fact, the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is aware of this and also the department of IRS and we are compelled to give out the cash winnings to sucessful and lucky winners after they have met up with the laid down requirments and have been cleared
Our System Randomly Picked your Email Address and a Unique Winning Number assigned to you.
Are you Ready to claim your cash the Prize Now? As you have the Option of rejecting it and will be sent directly to the motherless babies home in europe within 48 hrs.
I need to advice you on this,pls once you get your money i will advice you to pls spend it wisely and reasonably 5 other winners have claimed there cash prize and now they are living happily with there family and you are the 6th winner…….u are so lucky..i am so happy for u………a check will be issued to you in your name………


    • Anonymous on August 23, 2009 at 2:28 pm
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    You can tell that it is a scam by looking at the language. There are typos. The spelling is odd. The British spelling instead of the American spelling? Also, at the end, what’s up with the SMS (texting) language? No one ever writes a PROPER letter like that. This can be seen as a scam from like a mile away! Also, if it’s UNSOLICITED, it’s most likely a scam. You didn’t ask for this email – so it’s a SPAM and a SCAM.

  1. Yep, I noticed all those points — wanted y’all to see it for yourself.

    • Richard on August 24, 2009 at 9:43 am
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    More like Nigerian semantics.

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