Braille Mobile Phone

About time something like the Samsung’s Braille mobile phone hit the market. Kudos to Samsung. By the way, Wired lists Samsung as the #3 company in its Wired 40 list.
Also came across Assistive Media site that contains over 800 audio recordings. I’ve added this resource to the Audio Training Resources list.
This is the third time I’ve updated this entry as I keep coming across related information today. HumanWare announces a PDA for people who are blind and visually-impaired.

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  1. There is also software called “Talks”, for the blind and visually impaired, which reads aloud the menus and text messages in a mobile phone, depending on the make and model.
    The thing about being a cool teenager is that a Braille phone instantly gives away the nature of your special needs, whereas just another ordinary looking Nokia with an earpiece doesn’t.

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