Braille TTY

From DeafNetwork: Compu-TTY, Inc. has announced the availability of a new Braille TTY, the VTouch Braille TTY. The lightweight and portable TTY is only three pounds. The VTouch does not have batteries in the Braille display like older models. Plus, it comes with one adapter and one cable between the TTY and the Brailled display. Older models had two AC adapters, making it easy for some to confuse them.
The TTY has a Braille display on the terminal itself, and can connect directly using a telephone line or acoustic couplers for standard telephone handsets. It also has a built-in answering machine with password-enabled remote message retrieval.
Also, the TTY has a tactile ring pager, so that if someone is away from the TTY, she or he can still know when a call is coming in by feeling the pager’s vibrations. The device retails for a hefty $5,995.