Captioning Broadway

Wicked! That’s a play on words. Wicked is the name of one of Broadway’s current hit shows. This technology also wicked cool. I can’t answer why I grew up as a person who loves musicals. I still do, but not to the extent before 2000. Maybe it’s because my life got busier and I couldn’t keep up.
This is the kind of technology I hope we see someday. It’ll be a while before it makes its way to Dallas, I’m sure.

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    • Chris on March 1, 2005 at 3:54 am
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    I saw a brief blurb about that technology in TIME Magazine (or was it NewWeek….). I thought it was so cool and it would sure get me going. I too like the Broadway musicals (saw “Annie” there in 8th grade and have seen Broadway musicals performed elsewhere). Sure would help alot in understanding the funny parts!

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