Cochlear Implant Stolen

Someone stole a Deaf Student’s Hearing Device from school. I’m sad to say that it doesn’t surprise me because something similar happened to me. Only the item cost a fraction of what a cochlear device costs. When I worked with the Federal Highway Administration, I had to sit at a table meant to hold books, a fax machine, and printer. Due to lack of space, I made it my “office” and kept my TTY there.
You figured it out. The TTY was stolen. This is in a Federal government building. You can’t get in without a badge. I hope it wasn’t an employee, but logic dictates otherwise. I got a replacement and it hasn’t happened again.
That’s one reason I feared getting a cochlear implant. It’s more expensive than a hearing aid. I have a backup, but it’s the awful body-aid style device and I don’t want to go back to it after growing up with one.