Communication Debates Continue

After all these years, there is still a heated debate on communication methods for those who are deaf. When I was a baby, it was either oral or sign language. In later years, it became both. What’s the deal now?
The war is between oral and sign language (total communication) vs. completely oral. I am not going to pick sides because I don’t have one. Don’t call me a wimp. It’s simply the decision of the family impacted, not mine.
One reason I won’t learn sign language is because I don’t want to become more and more dependent on it and less and less reliant on my oral communication skills. I have seen this happened to another person who grew up orally like I did. I met her in my first job after college.
She went back to school, to Gallaudet, to get a masters in teaching. From what I understand, she is teaching the deaf. Very admirable. Before she did that, however, I noticed she was less involved in meetings and paid less attention. Soon, she didn’t pay attention unless an interpreter was present.
I get tired, damned tired, of trying to follow a conversation especially a working one or in a long meeting. I might withdraw then, but not for good. I’ll get my energy back and start again next time. It’s just what I have to do to cope in a hearing world.