CSI: NY Silent Night

A deaf family appears tonight on CSI: NY in its Silent Night episode. If you miss it, just be on the look out for this episode title during reruns.
In the episode, an intruder breaks into a home, shoots the teen daughter and almost kidnaps the baby without the mother hearing a sound. The entire family is deaf. The CSIs search for the intruder with the mother’s help.
It stars Marlee Matlin and Sasha Cohen. Ironically, you can watch a video preview… without captions. The other deaf actors are Amber Stanton and Troy Kotsur.


    • daveynin on December 13, 2006 at 12:18 pm
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    Where is the link for video preview?

  1. CBS’ CSI: NY home page.

  2. Ridor posts interesting thoughts about the episode. I have’t seen it yet — it’s waiting for me on tape.

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