Danger! Danger!

Sidekick II has sold out! -sob- I want to get one especially with the latest news from the company that makes them. Thanks for Joel for sending me the news item.
Danger, Inc., provider of the hiptop Wireless Solution, has incorporated improved its hiptop2 (also known as T-Movile Sidekick II) wireless communications device that will make it more useful for the deaf and hard of hearing users. The hiptop device (also known as the T-Mobile Sidekick) has gained popularity within this community for its messaging capabilities.
Based on feedback, Danger? new hiptop2 device includes a more powerful vibration motor than in previous devices. Danger also added software support for recurring or persistent notifications (notifications that repeat until acknowledged by the user).
Danger has also worked with MCI’s IP-RELAY.com and GoAmerica to create two Internet relay applications ? Wireless IP Relay.com, and Sprint Relay Wireless, powered by GoAmerica ? that will be offered at no charge via the on-device catalog. Danger’s catalog enables wireless carriers to offer third party applications and content to users for download on an ongoing basis.
To use the Internet relay applications, the user downloads the application to the hiptop/Sidekick, and selects the new icon to connect with a relay operator and make relay calls. The calls are standard relay calls with the operator and hiptop user interacting as they would from a computer, but with the convenience and freedom to make relay calls from almost anywhere.
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