Deaf Bloggers Talking Case

Deaf bloggers have “been using the Internet to keep track of developments in the case and dispel stereotypes about deaf people.” The case involves the murder of Darlene VanderGiesen, a deaf woman in Sioux Falls, where the suspect is another deaf person. Whoa. According to the article and the bloggers who are quoted, people believe that deaf people don’t have the capability to kill someone.
Well, obviously murdering is wrong… no matter who you are. I’d like for all of us not to have the ability to murder, but deaf people can certainly do it just like anyone else of any race, age, or gender. What a topic to debate.
Bloggers mentioned: Kokonut Pundits, Jamie Berke of, and Ricky Taylor.


  1. Yes, it’s true. Check it out in Google blog search:

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