Deaf Dog

This is a heartwarming story about a deaf dog who was seen as aggressive, but wasn’t. Two-year-old Lauren is a cattle dog mix who was born deaf and learned hand signals. Her owner plans to teach her more sign language so she can be a therapy dog for deaf children.
I had a pet Beagle named B. Dodger (B stands for Brooklyn). He died last year. He was a wonderful companion. We got him a few of years after we were married and he kept me company since Paul traveled a lot then.
B. Dodger lost his hearing practically overnight in early 2003 at age 12 and it changed his personality. He became a scared old dog. We had to send him to my in-laws’ because he was attacking (not dangerous attack, but nibbling) my older son who didn’t provoke him (only once). With the baby on the way, we couldn’t risk it. He lived his last year peacefully out in the country. Couldn’t ask for anything more.