Deaf Dogs Need Homes DESPERATELY

Three of Cathy’s deaf dogs still need homes…and maybe a 4th. They are in Georgia. Transportation can be arranged. We only have till next weekend to save them. Even if you’re not in the market for a dog, you might know someone who is. The three deaf ones that need help are:
Felix, 3-yr-old Aussie/JRT mix, FEMALE (applications FAILED 2 TIMES)
Mitzi, 4-yr-old ACD
Hennessey, 4-yr-old mastiff/pit mix
And there looks like there is a problem with Spaz’s adoption. Spaz, 3-year-old pit mix
Any and all ideas, offers or thoughts are welcome.
H E L P. Please.
Otherwise, next week (4/24), they go to a shelter. And will almost certainly be PTS. If interested, please contact Cathy at or