Deafness Isn't Amazing… It's Just Is

Well, everyone knows by now that Amazing Race 14 has a mother and son team where the son is deaf. Only one episode has aired (I write this watching the second) and Margaret and Luke won the first leg. Cool!
So far, when we hear from Margaret and Luke (other than giving directions to each other), the editing repeatedly showed them discussing deafness and the ability to do anything. Well, maybe it’ll ease up — but all of us deaf folk don’t spend our energy talking about we can do anything.
When people tell me they’re amazed I can do this or that. I respond that I’m no different from the next person. Nothing amazing about it. Just like with any difference — you’ll find people who excel and people who don’t. Heck, people who have nothing different about them — some excel and some don’t.
The only time I let my deafness get in the way is when exchanging emails with a prospect. If the prospect asks me to call — I do my best to avoid that. Calling people through the relay removes too much of me from the conversation having a third party who sounds nothing like me and can’t capture my personality.
If the prospect understands the implications of a relay call, then I’ll call ’em. This doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for the relay service. I am. I prefer to connect with people directly.
So far, this approach has caused no problems. I’m lucky to have great clients.
Oh, I freaked when I saw Mike of Mel and Mike. I had just seen him on a TV show. Aw, now they’re struggling in the race as Mel has an injury that prevents him from making a long trek.

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