Design and Function of CIs

At first glance, this article looks like a scientific article that might not interest some of you (I admit such articles bore me and I’d rather read about it in a newspaper story or non-scientific magazine.). It starts off:
“Ludwig van Beethoven was 28 years old when he first noticed a ringing and buzzing in his ears. Soon he was unable to hear high notes from the orchestra; speech became indistinct. By 1802, four years after the first symptoms, he was profoundly deaf.
“Beethoven fell into a deep depression. He describes this period in his Heiligenstadt Testament, meant to be read after his death:”

For me there can be no relaxation in human society; no refined conversations, no mutual confidences. I must live quite alone and may creep into society only as often as sheer necessity demands…. Such experiences almost made me despair, and I was on the point of putting an end to my life?he only thing that held me back was my art … thus I have dragged on this miserable existence.

That describes how I feel up to the despair