Ear Cleaning Product

The appropriately named article Eew Tube tells of a product where we’d be able to see inside our own ears so we can clean them safely instead of use Q-tips (oh, excuse me… “cotton swabs”). I quit using cotton swabs years ago when I learned the cotton swab caused an ear infection I had. It took a lot of will to stop using them, but it worked. Only time I use them is when I have a bad itch.
I like the thought of this technology to clean the ears safely. I remember years ago when I had problems with my ears, the doctor cleaned it out well. It felt good and clean. I’ve tried those drops, but they take too long and don’t produce much results.
OK, I’ll stop with this Eew entry.


    • MtRushmorePat on April 28, 2007 at 1:52 pm
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    Meryl, having worn ite’s for more years than I care to remember (Retired Air Force – my gift from them) I had heard from a former roommate how dangerous “cotton Swabs” could be. He got Hepatitis from using one in a “dirty” ear. Having said that, you are well aware of the itch that we have from all that plastic in there, especially when it is warm or hot. I just have never been able to find a suitable replacement. I agree that the spoon may be better, but the equipment that goes with it will be a big pain for someone like me who travels a lot.

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