FDA Approves New Cochlear Implant System

The Nucleus Freedom implant has received FDA approval this month. You can see photos and details in this news release. According to the release, “is the only speech processor designed to be water resistant and the only system to offer SmartSound(TM) technology, a combination of three unique sound technologies designed to enable better hearing in everyday listening situations.” It offers the following features:
* The first and only two-microphone system designed to soften distracting background sounds allowing for focused listening in crowds.
* Automatically adjusts sound levels to deliver a balance of clarity and comfort. Ideal for listening to music and in dynamic environments.
* Whisper enhances softer sounds allowing recipients to understand them more clearly.
* Up to five days of battery life. Unlike other systems that rely on brand-specific rechargeable batteries that last only a few hours, the Nucleus Freedom can operate on one set of commercially available batteries for up to five days, depending on the user’s coding strategy and rate.
I have a Nucleus and it uses disposable batteries that last three days. Five days sounds nice… but don’t know if my coding strategy would last that long. Not all other implant systems use rechargeables. In fact, only one does (at least, at the time when I made my decision).