Gallaudet Down to Final Three Candidates

Gallaudet University reports the Interim President Selection Advisory Committee has three men (no women — will this start another protest?) standing in line for the president position. One of those is Robert Davila. I remember him well from when I worked in Washington, DC for the government. I contacted his office once, but I don’t remember why. He has an impressive background and sounded liek a likeable person.
Weiner got his Ed. D. from my school at the same time I graduated with my BA — The American University. He also worked at the Texas School for the Deaf.
All three have been involved with Gallaudet. So the first thing I wonder — do students who know them, like them? JKF worked there and that’s one of the things that started the whole protest — she wasn’t likeable among other things. The candidates look good on paper, but what about off paper?
A long weekend waits the committee as they plan to make a final decision.

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    Davila would be a horrible choice. He doesn’t have an understanding of the issues at Gallaudet and would get frustrated very quickly trying to figure out what all the anger is about.
    Stephen Weiner and Bill Marshall are both aware of the issues and have a plan to solve and work on them. Stephen Weiner is the choice of the faculty and students. We will see what the Board of Trustees thinks.

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