Gallaudet Interim President Selected

Gallaudet University announced the selection of Robert Davila as the university’s interim president. As interim president, “The Board expects the interim president will serve on an interim basis only, for a period of eighteen months. The Board and the interim president, by mutual agreement, may extend this period for an additional six months if needed.”
As for the permanent president, “The Board expects to announce a separate search process for the permanent president, after an interim president has been selected.”
One person commented he didn’t want Davila for president. Well, this is just interim and it doesn’t guarantee Davila will continue on as permanent president.
The Washington Post reports on the story.


  1. A letter to the Interim President.

  2. Blog entry on Davila’s speech.

    • Cindy on December 15, 2006 at 11:07 am
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    Hi! I have not read the blogs for a long while. Too busy with my job. Anyway, I am glad that they finally got to choose someone(though it is temporary). The man is just out of retirement and is the government official of the highest rank for a deaf person. It seems that he’s a powerful leader. Let us hope its students and school staff will find a perfect one for the next meeting.

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