Gallaudet Students Not Happy with New President Selection

Students are not happy with the new president selected to replace I. King Jordon who is retiring. The committee selected a deaf person and female, but students protest because they believe Provost Jane K. Fernandes didn’t pay attention to their wants and needs.
They also say the selection process was racist because none of the top three candidates was black. No winning with this group. This time the committee picked a deaf person AND female. Before Jordan became president, the students protested the president selection because the first choice wasn’t deaf.
It’s great they’re speaking up and being heard, but this racist thing is a little too much. Who knows how many applied. Maybe none of the black candidates was deaf. I don’t know enough to comment.
More on the story from The Washington Post, but it requires free registration.


  1. There WAS a deaf black candidate. His name is Dr. Glen Anderson of Arkansas. He was interviewed but didn’t make it to the top three. Please check for more information.

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