Internet Scammers Target Deaf Community

Internet Scammers Target Deaf Community doesn’t surprise me. Many people view senior ciritizens and people with disabilities as weak — easy to scam. That’s why I believe religious organizations keep coming to me (there’s no question they target me because I’m deaf). Such organizations believe deaf people are easier to sway especially since we can feel socially isolated.
I know of a religious organization that preys on senior citizens especially when they’re hospitalized. They visit them and show interest in their lives. Sadly, many seniors don’t have family involved in their lives, so when they don’t feel lonely as a result of the organization’s visits, they’re more likely to give in.
My rule: I have to be the one who approaches an organization when it comes to helping and donations. If the organization approaches me, I’m not going to cooperate unless I know the organization and the folks behind it.

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