Jericho ASL Episode

Shoshannah Stern sent an email to the deaf network asking we watch her show this coming Wednesday, November 29. Here’s her note from Deaf Network.

This Wednesday, November 29, (2006) is a very special episode of Jericho for me. As some of you might know, I am a regular on this show, which airs on CBS at 8 pm Pacific time. There are so many people on the show, however, that there is so much ground to cover. I’ve been trying for a scene ONLY in sign language (no voice over or simcom) from the beginning. The writers and producers have been amazing and even let me try my hand in writing part of the scene! It will be aired THIS Wednesday. I don’t know how much of the scene will actually make it because of time constraints, but I would LOVE if you guys would watch and help me spread the word! This is a big step for everybody within the deaf community and of course for my character, Bonnie. Please, please watch… or at least TIVO it! Feel free to forward this to whoever you think may be interested!

For more information about this TV show “Jericho”:
Shoshannah Stern – The Offical Web Site:

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