Media Notices Captions Lacking Online

Thanks to Codeman38 for pointing out these articles from MSNBC regarding the lack of captions or transcripts on online videos. It’s a fast-growing frustration especially with video in iPods, PDAs, and another portable players. I can’t download TV shows and enjoy them like most of the public.
The Red Tape Chronicles
Subtitles: Deaf to the Problem
iPod screens too small for captions? Please. I’ve used a PDA since 1995 and have had no problem reading the smaller text that appeared in many apps when I reviewed PDA software.

I’ve just completed judging of many high quality Web sites and the number of sites that bothered having captions or a script was less than the fingers on one hand. Most of these sites had video, audio, or both.
I didn’t know about It searches for captioned media. I came across AOL’s Video Search tool and for the heck of it, entered “close-captioned.” The results were pitiful listing about four pages worth of documentaries.
I like documentaries as I regularly watch Food Network and caught an interesting program on The History Channel last night. But these weren’t up my alley. I don’t think too many people are interested in “Managing Rodents and Mosquitoes through Integrated Pest Management.” The video is from 2003 and is targeted to those in the pest control industry.
Thanks to MSNBC for noticing the problem. Captions aren’t just for those with hearing problems, you know?