Miss Deaf Texas Killed by Train

Bad news: Miss Deaf Texas Struck and Killed By Train in Austin. Apparently she was walking alongside of the tracks where she was close enough to get hit. Hearts and prayers go out to her family.
More articles on Miss Deaf Texas and one from CNN.
Updated on March 15, 2006
“DPHH Austin wants to make announcement that DeafCities.com just launched Tara Mcavoy Memorial Website where you can find information, news, photos, guestbook and other such. You can see it live at:
“Tara Mcavoy Memorial Trust Fund information is available on the web site.
“Any photos you want to add, please send to deafcities@deafcities.com and they will add it for you. If you have poems or anything, please go to the guestbook and write them. Within 60-90 days, we will hand over the website to Tara’s family for their memorial.
“As you know, our special event on April 8, 2006, we were suppose to have a surprise guestspeaker, this was for Tara Mcavoy that we are to donate money to support for Miss Deaf America, but with this tragic death, we feel deep hurt and sad, please give prayers for Tara and we will never forget her. We will contiune to donate the money to Miss Deaf Texas to compete for Miss Deaf America and to Tara Mcavoy Memorial Trust Fund.
“Please give them your support, they will be fully appericated.”
Thank you.
DPHH Austin
Updated on March 14, 2006
“We are saddened to announce the death of our Miss Deaf Texas 2005-2007, Tara Rose McAvoy. She was killed on Monday, March 13th in Austin, Texas. Her friends and family will sorely miss Tara. Tara will always leave behind a legacy that will always be remembered. She represented Texas with dignity and pride and that will never be forgotten. Tara will always hold a special place in our hearts. Tara will be honored at the Miss Deaf America Pageant this summer in Palm Desert, California during the final night of the pageant. We want to express our deepest sympathy to Tara? family during this time of loss.

“As we remember Tara, our 1st runner-up, Johanna Valenta of San Antonio will now assume the role of Miss Deaf Texas 2006-2007. She will represent the Lone Star state of Texas at the Miss Deaf America Pageant this summer. Johanna has willingly accepted this role to continue the legacy of the pageant, as Tara would have wanted.
“Please continue to support the pageant and support Johanna as she prepares to assume a big responsibility in such a short time. We, the Miss Deaf Texas Pageant committee and the Texas Association of the Deaf would appreciate your continuous support of the Miss Deaf Texas pageant. Contributions may still be given to help us send Johanna to California.”
Respectfully submitted,
Laura Loeb Hill
Miss Deaf Texas State Pageant Director
Poem In Loving Memory of Tara Rose McAvoy
Farewell, Our Texas Rose
by Kathy Walters
It seems just like the other day,
That you began your reign.
You were our Miss Deaf Texas,
Our smiling Rose and Queen.
You wore your crown with pride.
Reflecting lights of grace and dignity;
On all of us radiating in your beams.
In so short the time you were our Queen.
You left behind devastated hearts,
Of those whose lives you touched.
Someday we will understand,
Why you were snatched from us.
We’ll miss the twinkle in your eyes,
And your sweet and dimpled smile.
Your kind and loving heart,
Was more than Texas-sized.
And now we must say farewell,
To our beautiful Texas Rose.
Your memory will always live inside,
Our heavy hearts as we sadly say goodbye.
By Kathy Walters