Netflix and Captions

I heard the news on Twitter from an unexpected source: @marleematlin. I happened to browse Twitter and caught her tweet. It’s great to have someone with her name speaking out about Netflix’s lack of captions on streamed movies. Like it or not, celebrities can make things happen a little faster than as ornery folk.

Netflix responded to the caption issue in its blog. While I appreciate the company’s action to deliver captions in 2010, I take issue with a few things:

1. Silverlight: “Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO) is on Microsoft’s Board of Directors.” No wonder why Netflix is only looking at Silverlight instead of what’s best and fastest. Heck, I captioned my own YouTube video. Also see Besides, Microsoft hasn’t implemented all of the SAMI specs.

2. A year? Really? Even the major TV networks caption full-episodes. Hey, Hulu even does some!
Pshaw. Give us a better answer, Netflix. Not looking at the gift horse in the mouth, but the fact you’re letting your own “constraints” affect customer service.


  1. Ooo, nice – I’m following Marlee Matlin on twitter! 🙂

    • Margaret on January 5, 2010 at 8:37 am
    • Reply

    Promises, promises. Netflix first said by 2009 and now says by 2010. It is hype, it is a way to skip to the next issue. It is a corporate decision to ignore the deaf community by discrimination!!
    The world needs to finally realize how much the deaf community has been discriminated. From the insurance world right on down to Netflix and Amazon on demand, as well as other such providers. Insurance companies cover glasses for those who lack sight, but does not cover for hearing aides for those who lack hearing. The on Demand world caters to the hearing world and ignores those who lack hearing just because there is no law forcing them to provide better service. DISCRIMINATION IS DISCRIMINATION no matter how you look at it, nor what issue you speak of. It is the sickest trait anyone company can have or any one person has as part of their character. Should I really expect anything different from MONEY whore businesses who careless about to whom they discriminate??

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