Reverse Discrimination

This story gives me a lot to think about. The author makes good points. Since these events are “deaf competitions,” should every athlete be on even ground by having rules that don’t allow them to wear hearing aids, cochlear implants, or any other device that helps with the hearing?
Then again when you practice, practice, practice—whatever you practice with becomes a part of your game. I played sports for my entire childhood and every little thing makes a difference. It’s no surprise many athletes are superstitious and have little things or rituals they do or wear for a game because it puts them in the right frame of mind.
Taking off a hearing aid or glasses will throw off the athlete’s game. She has been working hard wearing the device that it has become a part of her routine. It’s like Ken Jennings of Jeopardy. Once he got the hang of when to push the buzzer, he kept on winning as he beat everyone to the buzzer. He had an advantage of staying in long enough to figure it out.
Let’s say he wears contacts and loses one with no time to replace it before a show. So, he wears his glasses instead. It wouldn’t surprise me if his game is “off” as it impacts his focus and comfort.
What’s the right thing to do? [ Link: Deafnetwork ]