Stem Cell Research

Would you believe my childhood pen pal found me and made contact just a few weeks ago? Amazing, how the Internet brings people together, eh? Anyway, I mentioned Eddie Killian because he brought up stem cell research. Here’s what he said (with some editing):

I heard deaf people have a problem with stem cell research that can make hair cells and cure deafness because they are afraid the deaf culture will die. However, I want to become hearing because it is important for my job. I want to get my hearing back so I can earn more money and make more hearing friends. I heard that Sweden, Denmark, and Holland are looking to solve the cancer and other problems with steam cells. I hope we will soon see miracle cures from them. I heard news from Korea that stem cells have enabled a paralyzed Korean woman to walk!
Anyway, what do you think about this stuff? I know life changes will be fine. Not everybody wants to stay deaf. If I become hearing, then I would still use sign and I will still hang out with deafies. But maybe deaf culture will disappear and I will miss it too, but I know it will be all right.

I am a strong supporter of stem cell research. It does not come from a live fetus, so those against abortion do not have an argument. This research could lead to many cures. Please write your congress person and ask to support the research.