Sweet Nothing in My Ear TV Movie

Marlee Matlin stays busy. On top of Dancing with the Stars, she has a TV movie coming out on CBS. Sweet Nothing in My Ear debuts on Sunday, April 20 telling the story of a couple (one deaf and one hearing) struggling with the decision of getting a cochlear implant for their son. Matlin’s character is against the CI while her husband wants the CI.
Linda Bove, the long-time librarian on Sesame Street, acted as an advisor on the set. In this interview, she said she reviewed all the takes to make sure view of the signer showed clearly. The staff also paid attention to every little detail and asked her questions like if it was OK to sign with rubber gloves on while washing the dishes or to turn off the light while someone is signing.
No doubt this will lead to heated discussions in the deaf community. I don’t think it’s our business to dictate the lives of others. Education is always OK with me — forcing or pushing for one thing over the other is not.


  1. Thank for sharing! movie must be interesting!

    • c on April 17, 2008 at 9:45 pm
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    I am the mother of a child with a cochlear implant and I am interested to see this movie. I hope it is fair in showing both sides of the spectrum. I also think this will lead to heated discussions in the deaf community. I understand that some people are opposed to implants for themselves but what I don’t get is the critisism towards those that do decide to go the CI route. It’s a personal decision and I would hate to think my son would be shunned just because he’s implanted. My son was not born deaf it happened progressively and my husband and I chose to implant him because we thought it was the best decision for our son and his particular situation. We would never condemn someone for choosing not to implant or try and push it on them. Each persons situation is unique and decisions should be based on what they want without pressures from anyone. No one should judge someone else for the way they choose to live their life. I am glad they are getting the word out on CI’s maybe it will dispell some of the disbeliefs and become a little more accepted. We live in a country with many races, disabilities, gender ect. why should this be any different.

    • Rina Carmichael on April 30, 2008 at 1:42 pm
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    I want to know more about the video screen phone system. I saw Sorenson online, but those look like they have small screens. I also want to confirm they are fee/ for deaf people.
    Thanks you

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