USC Soccer Player

Soccer player who happens to be deaf joins USC team. I love a story like this. At one time, I wanted to play college ball, but gave up those thoughts while in high school as I didn’t play volleyball all four years of high school, one of my biggest regrets. I can’t honestly remember what prompted me to stop pursuing volleyball.
Softball was my best sport, but unfortunately, my school district didn’t have softball leagues. My local softball association had so few teams as girls lost interest in the sport by high school. I liked soccer and basketball, but didn’t enjoy it in high school. And with that kind of attitude, how can I move up to the next level?
Besides, my studies were important to me. I know that in college ball, the teams travel and I feared it would disrupt my studies especially since it was hard enough keeping up with the lectures.
I’ve got it in the back of my mind that I want to pursue a masters degree from Texas Tech. The school has an online program and I enjoy online courses as my deafness doesn’t stand in the way. The problem, however, is time. Between three kids, volunteering, and freelancing — it doesn’t leave me enough time to give my studies the attention it needs.