Video Game Accessibility Campaign

Michelle Hinn campaigns for more accessibility for disabled gamers addresses something few of us think about. Well, I think about it when I play games with a lot of audio, but when do I ever have time to play games?
I remember a few instances where one of my kids played a game and asked for help. I couldn’t because it meant hearing the audio. Then we got a Harry Potter game and it came with an option to turn on sub-titles. But captioning video games and videos isn’t the only accessibility problem as the article shows.


  1. Thanks for the link to the awesome article on video game accessibility campaign. I’ve blogged about this a year ago and intend to blog on it every now and then.

  2. My fiance, in his masters invented the first game for blind gamers, he is still working to get it patented, but he worked so hard on it, and of course got his masters with flying colours! im so proud 🙂
    Im a game nut, and the audio part only sometimes gets to me, more often than not i can handle it tho, but subs would be handy on most games, my favorite game is the legend of zelda series, and they all have subs which is great 🙂

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