Wheel Chair for $44

I read about the $44 wheel chair in Reader’s Digest some time ago. The fact the guy made an effort to invent something much needed and make it affordable amazes me. Wish we could do something like that for hearing aids. Maybe it’s possible, but I’m no engineer.
With the popularity of American Inventor, perhaps the company will have a second edition and we’ll see more inventions along these line. There was a guy who had a flosser for those who can’t use the regular flosser. He didn’t make it to the final 12, but I’m betting companies are noticing those who don’t make the finals and calling them up. I hope so.
Speaking of the show, the final four inventions are:
* baby car seat
* bike with site on the handles for a second rider
* football receiver tool
* Word Ace, an educational (shh…) game
I think the bike should’ve never made it this far. I hated that the toilet seat filter people had to go up against the baby car seat. The baby car seat looks amazing and I hope they pull it off. I’m interested in Word Ace as I love games, but for $50?
Seeing people lose their jobs or going bankrupt during the show was terrible. I hope that those who didn’t make it to the final four got noticed and perhaps, saw some benefit come from the show. Haven’t spent much time trying to find out what happened to them, especially Jodie (Headliner).