YouTube Adds Captioning Feature

Thanks to Karen for posting about YouTube and captioning in which to points to Bill Cresswell’s post.
YouTube on captions and subtitles covers how to turn them on/off, add/edit captions, and getting help with captioning a video. If only YouTube had a way to search for captioned/subtitled videos. Sure, you can enter “caption” in the search box… but it won’t be accurate as caption can appear in non-captioned videos and people might use “closed-captioned,” “captioning,” “subtitled,” “subtitles,” you get the idea.
Also, Project ReadOn accepts captioning requests. It’ll take a long time to see our faves captioned as we all have faves all over the place with few overlaps.


    • Meryl on September 4, 2008 at 1:56 pm
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    Tutorial in YouTube on how to add captions:

  1. You can search youtube for subtitles, from Google Video:
    Or my experimental search project:

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