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Closed-Captioned Video Examples

Search Google for CC videos

Char James Tanny put together a great list of resources on captioned videos. I wanted to capture it here so I could embed videos, share a few notes and post screen shots from YouTube. They are examples showing how the following types of videos differ: no captions basic captions (built-in video) captions (turn on/off) transcripts …

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Flash CS3 Makes Captioning Easy

Accessibility: Captioning in Flash CS3 reports Flash CS3 comes with a new component called FLVPlaybackCaptioning that works with FLVPlayback component to make it easy to add captions to Flash. Another blog entry from Adobe on the Flash component and here is the link to the Adobe Accessibility caption category where you can view examples. More …

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TV Weather and News Interruptions

Many of us were eager to watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent recently because the cast consisted of deaf actors. Those of us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area experienced interruptions due to the storms we had on Tuesday evening. The local NBC affiliate heard plenty of complaints and re-aired the episode a couple of days …

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