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What Do Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids, and Cochlear Implants Sound Like?

French clip

I had been looking for resources that show those with normal hearing what it’s like to hear with different levels of hearing loss, hearing aids, and cochlear implants. I had two resources in an old blog post and found three more today, so I’m combining them in this post. As I come across more resources, …

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Technology Lags for the Deaf

With Baby Boomers hitting middle age, the number of deaf people is climbing. Millions Of Us Are Going Deaf And Our Computer Won’t Help Us rants about the things many deaf people discovered long before now. Still, it’s an insightful read and helps spread the word about the challenges deaf and HoH people face.

Deaf in Israel

Deaf children without barriers is an excellent read and gives insight on life for the deaf in Israel.

Deaf Students and Technology

I often wonder how different my teen years would’ve been if I had the same opportunities as the Deaf and hearing students of today with the technology available to them.

New Cochlear Implant

New Cochlear Implant using ribbon technology from University of Michigan might help improve hearing for profound deaf people and make the surgery less invasive. Here’s another article on the University of Michigan research.