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Jericho ASL Episode

Shoshannah Stern sent an email to the deaf network asking we watch her show this coming Wednesday, November 29. Here’s her note from Deaf Network. This Wednesday, November 29, (2006) is a very special episode of Jericho for me. As some of you might know, I am a regular on this show, which airs on …

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More Cochlear Implant Blogs

Bionic Boys: More CI blogs to check out.

Ragged Edge

A Ragged Edge Online addresses disability-related issues that many mainstream publications avoid such as assisted suicide, de-institutionalization, abuse and nursing home issues. The site also lists roughly 50 topical blogs. It’s refreshing to see content that confronts issues many are afraid to speak of.

Deaf Struggles

Lots of great articles popping up regarding Gallaudet and the Deaf Culture. Alicia sent a link to a very powerful article [scanned version] written by the mother who has a deaf daughter. The article highlights the big picture for the protests against the selection of Jane K. Fernandez presidential appointment. The shocker? The article [html …

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UPS Court Case Update

Got an update to the court case I mentioned in this 2004 entry (two years!). The US court states that UPS may not exclude deaf people from applying for driving lighter delivery trucks. No information explains the situation with other types of trucks, however.

Deaf Statistics

The Dallas Morning News writes a story about a teen who is deaf and doing very well with a cochlear implant. He has a bright future ahead of him. The article also looks at the contoversy with cochlear implants. Here are insightful statistics on deafness and cochlear implants that appear at the end of the …

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Fans Sue for Captions

Hearing-Impaired Fans Sue for Access to Closed-Captioning. Go fans! Get ’em! Can you tell I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan? It was fun living in Washington, DC for six years and watching the Cowboys win the Superbowl twice! When I finished my assignment with one of the agencies, they gave me a Redskin shirt for a …

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Magnetizing Implant

Recently had a couple of funny incidences with the implant. I was changing out the batteries and thought I dropped one. I looked all over the floor for it and it refused to be found. I put all three batteries in and was about to put the implant back on when I saw a battery …

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Deaf Actress in Jericho

Shoshannah Stern, a deaf actress, is a cast member of Jericho, a new CBS TV show about the after-effects of a nuclear mushroom cloud appearing in the distance from Jericho, a small town in Kansas. Stern is a fourth generation member of a deaf family. Her brother and sister are also deaf. She attended California …

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News Links: 08-11-2006

* U.S. Army in Iraq and the International Kids Fund donate funds to help an Iraqi girl get a cochlear transplant. * Discrimination in golf. Makes me grateful I never had a problem with sports or lessons and I’ve played or tried most of them (basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, and racquetball). * Two …

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