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TV Weather and News Interruptions

Many of us were eager to watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent recently because the cast consisted of deaf actors. Those of us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area experienced interruptions due to the storms we had on Tuesday evening. The local NBC affiliate heard plenty of complaints and re-aired the episode a couple of days …

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Deaf Artist

Deaf, illiterate and self-trained, and with a perspective all his own is a nice story about an artist who has many of his works at museums in San Francisco and Boise. Castle learned how to draw by looking at pictures much like musicians who learned by listening. As a result of not having a formal …

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Law & Order: CI "Silencer" Comments

Law & Order: CI (though it stands for “Criminal Intent,” it was the appropriate L&O series since episode was about cochlear implants) “Silencer” revolved around the death of an ear surgeon who testified against another surgeon for doing cochlear implant on a baby that should not have received one. Candidates for cochlear implants undergo testing …

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CSI: New York "Silent Night" Comments

Finally watched the CSI: NY episode, which originally aired last December. I record everything and watch them when I have time. Anyway, my observations. Good to hear a gunshot and Matlin not reacting to it. Instead, we see her feet feeling the vibration and the baby monitor light blinking. She walks out of her bedroom …

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NCAM/CC for Flash

WGBH Access Division Creates “CC for Flash” to Simplify Captioning for Adobe Flash Technology http://ncam.wgbh.org/webaccess/ccforflash/ Accessibility and Search Enhanced by Free Tool; Easy-to-Embed Flash-Based-Media Player also Available Use of Adobe┬« Flash┬« technology to add dynamic and engaging video content to Web sites is growing exponentially. With WGBH’s new solution, developers are able to more easily …

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Babel Neglects Deaf Audience

The Oscar nominated movie, Bable, has a deaf Japanese woman character who struggles to communicate with her father. The irony is that Japanese deaf moviegoers couldn’t follow the movie as explained ‘Babel’ ignores deaf audience. Variety also has a report. Embarrassing, but not surprising overssight.

No Soliciting Signs

They came again! Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door and it was obvious they came to me because they were signing to each other. I have a “No soliciting” sign right by the doorbell, but they probably don’t see themselves as solicitors. I can’t find a sign or information that takes care of the religious …

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Business Meeting with Hearing and Deaf Men

Kokonut Pundits posted a video of a hearing and deaf man conversing without pen and paper, without sign language and lipreading and without misunderstandings. Why not do this with instant messenger or email? In watching the video, I didn’t see anything that couldn’t be done through instant messenger. But it’s still a great tool because …

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Employement for the Deaf and HoH

The Realities of Employment sadly provides accurate information about the employement situation for the deaf and HoH. When I worked for the US government, I remember reading statistics saying that the deaf group — on average — had the lowest job levels (GS) of all groups working for the federal government. Lower than those who …

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Tablet PC as a Communications Tool

Deaf Technological Review points out how a tablet PC could be a great tool for the deaf and blind. Places like The Dallas Summer Musicals are using laptops to provide text for their shows, but I tihnk tablets would be better as they’re more portable. But hey, I’m thrilled they offer a way for us …

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